It is the main role of the cable installer to examine equipment and connections within a company or organization. They also have an active role in the customer service aspect of a business. They may be training the customers regarding the usage of their devices, for example. On top of this, they will perform preventative maintenance and be skilled in numerous techniques and methods.

They may spend their day at work reviewing blueprints, planning workload, and selecting proper cable and equipment. They will be confident when it comes to setting up new telecommunication frames. They will then perform thorough tests to ensure everything is working properly. They should also keep an eye on stock levels and know what needs to be replaced and when.

This person should also have basic computer skills, electronic skills, and knowledge in the IT area. They should be physically fit enough to carry heavy loads, able to maneuver into small spaces and work in an elevated work environment. The job can be demanding, so the professional must be physically fit and able to endure the work without harming themselves or others. The cable installer has many responsibilities, so having a number of skills and abilities is very important.
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